Jump-Start Your Citizen Engagement Program:

Introducing the Government Starter Package

How can the engagement of the town meeting scale up from a couple thousand people in one location to many more? How do you hear from all the people who can’t show up for meetings, but will show up to vote on election day?

Citizen engagement programs offer numerous opportunities to new organizations that are looking to get started.

Benefits include:

  • A satisfied public population
  • Prioritized government projects
  • Innovative new ideas
  • Improved legislation and regulations
  • Government trend predictions
  • A new, virtual work force
  • Redeemed public trust

That’s why IdeaScale is introducing the government starter package, a special offer to help municipal government agencies kick-start their first citizen engagement program.

The Government Starter Package includes:

  • 1 campaign for a public or private community
  • Unlimited ideas, votes, and comments
  • Mobile Optimization & Social Integration
  • A half-day Strategy Workshop with IdeaScale's Director of Program Development