From Ideation to Execution:

Incubate and Prototype Your Best Ideas

Organizations consistently cite two key barriers to building a successful innovation program: a lack of great ideas and the inability to successfully develop those ideas into products and solutions. The key lies in building a great innovation strategy that successfully stewards ideas from the moment of initial inspiration, through incubation to the point of commercialization.

Join Nick Davis, Director of Corporate Innovation at RocketSpace as he discusses concept and prototype planning and how to build and manage accelerators on-site or within established startup ecosystems anywhere in the world.

Mat Fogarty, VP of Innovation Architecture, discusses the typical flow of front end innovation and how IdeaScale connects to great accelerators like RocketSpace.

Included in this webinar:

  • Learn the 3 I’s of innovation
  • Discover the 4 reasons that idea execution is difficult
  • How to de-risk new ideas
  • How innovators can build their next big thing with RocketSpace
  • with a Q&A portion as part of the live broadcast


This web event aired on June 3rd, 2015. Please register to view the complete webinar recording.