Introducing: IdeaScale Stages

IdeaScale's expertise in innovation management has led to a comprehensive product redevelopment which now empowers collaboration throughout the innovation lifecycle. It is now possible for administrators to configure an IdeaScale community so that as each idea enters a new, more-developed phase, it is possible to take new actions within a community. Now, community members can join teams, add supporting information, estimate value and costs, and more. 

In order to introduce new and existing users to this upgraded IdeaScale functionality, IdeaScale offers this live product demo. In this webinar, attendees will learn:

  • How to configure IdeaScale stages
  • How to build a team around an idea
  • How to refine ideas using custom criteria
  • How to assess ideas that will yield the highest business value
  • And more!

This demonstration was initially aired on February 25th. You can register below to view the recording at any time.