Here's what we'll cover in your demo

Ideascale works with innovative organizations around the world to uncover and analyze the best new ideas. We'll cover everything from launching ideas among community members to collecting feedback, reviewing ideas, and final implementation.

Strategic Planning

IdeaScale professionals provide comprehensive guidance as part of planning a successful innovation initiative.

Community Configuration

How to configure your community to get the highest volume, best quality, and most relevant ideas aligned to your goals.

Idea Collection & Collaboration

Community members collaborate with one another as they suggest ideas while voting and commenting on the ideas of others.

How to Refine Ideas

IdeaScale allows teams to form around an idea and for ideas to be assigned to the leader most able to research and manage an idea proposal.

Reviewing Ideas

With IdeaScale’s back-end functionality, administrators are able to evaluate benefits, estimate potential costs, forecast future success with greater ease and deliver results with reliability.


Delivering on the selected ideas is the best way to build a sustainable innovation program.