Innovation Best Practices Workshop

Everyone approaches crowdsourcing differently based on their objectives, resources, and know-how. IdeaScale offers expertise to complement your capabilities and ensure your innovation journey is one that is successful right from the start. We want to empower teams to get started as quickly as possible. Learn more about IdeaScale's innovation services. 

A complimentary training for you and up to ten team members.

Our seasoned instructors guide you and your team through a discovery process that blends theory and practice and will help you apply proven innovation strategies to your organization. The workshop agenda breaks down the key ingredients needed to innovate at scale.

Workshops must have at least three attendees and no more than 10 attendees.

Learning from the Best. Extract valuable insights from the mindset and methods used by pioneering innovators around the world. 

Setting Your Program Up for Success. Assesses your greatest strengths and surface opportunities to improve and grow your innovation capabilities.

Planning an Impactful Innovation Campaign. Explore a variety of high-potential approaches for harnessing the collective creativity of your organization.

Laszlo Gyorrfy
VP of Global Innovation Services

Laszlo Gyorffy brings 25 years of consulting and training expertise working in Silicon Valley and with clients around the globe, helping them to innovate faster, smarter, and with greater impact. He is a certified instructional designer and trainer and has delivered transformational programs to client organizations such as the BBC, BP, Cigna Healthcare, Discovery Communications, Kaiser Permanente, Panera Bread, Swisscom, Stanford University, and many others.

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What Clients Say:

Kyra Peyton, Senior Innovation Manager, AAA

"We thoroughly enjoyed the 90 minutes with Laszlo Gyorffy. It’s not every day you’re able to sit down with a smart, generous, mastermind in innovation.  In addition to the valuable and insightful content, there was no semblance of a sales pitch. Ideascale’s workshop helped us gain alignment around innovation as a mindset and pitfalls to watch-out for as we launch initiatives”.