Here's what we'll cover in your demo

Ideascale works with innovative organizations around the world to uncover and analyze the best new ideas. We'll cover how our system can be used to organize the data you have, source new opportunity areas, connect your crowd, and track ROI.

Strategic Planning

We offer clients a comprehensive innovation program that blends together world-class innovation software and professional services to help them find and develop the next big thing. That means training, customized recommendations, opportunity sourcing, and more.

Idea Collection

If you’re going to create next-generation solutions, you need to solve the problems that matter. Find out what matters most to your community and verify your insights. Diversify the ideas in your innovation pipeline by inviting anyone to share, validate, and build on one another’s inspiration. aligned to your goals.

Idea Collection & Collaboration

You’re busy. Let the software and your crowd pinpoint the best ideas that make the most sense for your organization.

Business Planning

Transform an idea into a concept by adding research and rigor to promising ideas. research and manage an idea proposal.

Reviewing Ideas

Prototype and test your concepts and turn them into the solutions that will drive your business forward. Report your results to the entire organization.

Scaling and Tracking

Embed innovation throughout an organization. Make it easy for anyone, anywhere to launch a campaign and find solutions, while also understanding the innovation inputs and outputs of your organization. Identify opportunities for improvement, top-performing teams, and gain perspective on your entire innovation portfolio.